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Goals and dreams were just a small part of the ambition that gleamed in the HEART of CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES TO PROVIDE BLESSING FIRST TO OUR CHURCH MEMBERS AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. Born and raised in LAS VEGAS, PASTOR MANUEL RAMOS had quite a number of achievements here in the United States that he knew he had to accomplish. Along with his wife, ALICIA JAMILET GALLEGOS, together they took their first step in the MINISTRIES industry by creating and opening up a small CHURCH in SOUTH side of Las Vegas. In the year 2012, PASTOR MANUEL AND ALICIA opened a CHURCH IN THEIR HOUSE where they WORSHIP GOD BELIEVING THAT GOD WILL DO GREATER THINGS ON THEIR LIVES. Being a worship establishment, the couple decided to move their worship ministries to share a church with a pastor that was already established believing in the lord that they will accomplish the goal to get their own worship center. In April of 2013, MANUEL, ALICIA and other members of the church decided to follow a dream to buy a building for the ministries and start searching for it. When they found the building they found out the building used to be a store before so that's where LOS LIRIOS MINI MARKET idea rose. MANUEL, ALICIA and members at the church thought that was an opportunity to help them rise money not just for the ministries but to employed some members of the congregation that were unemployed. MANUEL AND ALICIA believe that this is only the beginning
of the blessing God is going to place on their hands.

Mateo 21:21-22Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)

21 Respondiendo Jesús, les dijo: De cierto os digo, que si tuviereis fe, y no dudareis, no sólo haréis esto de la higuera, sino que si a este monte dijereis: Quítate y échate en el mar, será hecho.

22 Y todo lo que pidiereis en oración, creyendo, lo recibiréis.


As we grow, we are adding more produce and services to our community.


Come and be part of our goal, together we can achieve it. 


1214 D ST
TEL:702:636 5383

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Los Lirios Mini Market

1218 D Street,

Las Vegas, NV 89106

Phone. 702-636-5383

Email. loslirios1218@gmail.com

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